App Review

Review process

Once you have submitted your app to our review process, our team will review your apps to make sure everything is in order before publishing to your chosen platforms.

This process usually takes less than 48 hours and you will be updated via email once your apps have been submitted to your chosen platforms.

Whilst your project is in review, you should see in your dashboard that your project status is "Review":

Unpublishing your app

If you choose to unpublish an app from our review process, you can visit the apps page and click "Unpublish" as shown below:

Once your app is fully published to the various app stores, you can update as many times as you like and each update will be replicated across your chosen platforms.

If you choose to unpublish an app after it has already been listed, you can click the "Delete project" button at the bottom of your project:

You will be directed to the Unpublish page where you can book in a meeting with our team to begin the un-listing process.

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